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Merry Christmas!OPEN Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!CHRISTMAS DAY, NEW YEARS EVE, Merry Christmas!

Open Daily Year Round from 10am to 10pm!

"Ringgold, GA. welcomes visitors & needs your business!
Roads were re-opened to the public! Thanks!"

New Inquiriers, Horse Clients, Puppy Customers & Friends:



There is a much better chance for me to return your e-mail, text or telephone call if you have time to both e-mail, text and call or leave me a voice message. There are days I do not have the opportunity to check both phone messages and e-mails, as I am out on the farm or in the stables & kennels all day.

NOTE: My email is temporarily down. Please call or text until further notice. So very sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks Much!

Dressage Horse
All my horses are quaranteed to be precisely as decribed
and represented. "I want you to be happy with my
horses and my horses to be happy with you."

"Look back on man's struggle for freedom.
Trace man's present day's strength to the source,
And you'll find man's pathway to glory,
Is strewn with the bones of a horse."

"A horse gallops with its lungs, perserveres with its heart, and wins with its character." -Tesio

Peavine Creek Farm

We have many, many MORE HORSES FOR SALE than time permits us to keep posted on this page. Please e-mail and let us know what you are looking for. We specialize in matching horses with riders within YOuR price range. We also provide installment plans within your payment budget. We GuARANTEE all our horses to be sound and precisely as described and presented. We want you to be happy with our horses, we want our horses to be happy with you!

horse (5713 bytes)

Puppies 4 Sale!!!
NSDR Registered Australian Shepherds
Australian Shepherd/Border Collie Mix

Australian Cattle Dogs (pictured below and
also known as Blue Heelers & Queensland Heelers)

Peavine Creek Farm
Click photo for more details!

Peavine Creek Farm

See our Tack & Tails For Sale Page!!

Piglets For Sale!

(Click photos to enlarge)


Two 7 weeks old nuetered male PIGLETS born April 4, 2017.
Very Intelligent
Great pets
Acclimated indoors & outdoors.
Follow breeder everywhere without leashes.
Patents come when called & are learning tricks.

Another Satisfied Customer!

"Used Saddleseat Riding Clothing"


Jodphur pants (some with suede patches), vests, academy clothing altered for best fit. Some with dropped heels, derbies, and top hats.

Call or Text for more information
(423) 710-5747


"Featherlite Horse Trailer For Sale"
Featherlite Horse Trailer For Sale
Featherlite Horse Trailer For Sale
Featherlite Horse Trailer For Sale
Featherlite Horse Trailer For Sale
Featherlite Horse Trailer For Sale
Featherlite Horse Trailer For Sale
(Click photos to enlarge)

shiny front panel with Featherlite feather
removable back saddle rack
front tack and dressing room with carpet
bridle hangers
clothes racks
Top Travel Rack for carts, hay, etc.
Sliding back windows, all in working condition
Front drop windows, all in working condition
slant load panels all in perfect working condition
vents over each of 6 stalls No dings or dents or damage.
Ideal condition.

Fully gone over at end of each horse show year by Mike Minnick at Trailer Depot in Lebanon, TN.

This trailer pulls fantastically, loaded or empty, and is an excellent trailer. I LOVE IT! I have put off selling it as I love it so much, and Mike at Trailer Depot tells me I can never replace it for what I am asking for it, but I have 2 big horse trailers, a 4-horse and a 6-horse, and I only needed my 6 horse once last year. Must sell one, so am selling the 6 horse Featherlite and keeping the 4 horse. My loss, your gain.

I have taken excellent care of this trailer, cleaned it every road trip and had every ding repaired at the end of each show season.
It is ready to load and go to a show.

If you need a 6 horse, this is a great trailer you will definitely be happy with.

Call for more details (423-710-5747)


Price $18,900
Price reduced to $16,500!!


"Sky Blue"
Sky Blue Relaxing ~ Sky Blue Learning to 'pray'
Sky Blue learning to pray
Taking a 'bow' with one of our best beginner riders, Rhea - on left
Taking a 'bow' with handler, Reagan - on right
Sky Blue taking a bow with Rhea, one of our best beginner ridersSky Blue learning to bow w/handler Reagan
(Click photos to enlarge)

Trick Horse/Western or English Pleasure

Gray Gelding with Blue eyes & Black Eyeliner

Half Saddlebred out of a ASB mare by Fire Lane. Fire Lane was the leading saddlebred sire for several years.

Better photos of Sky Blue and pictures of his beautiful big blues soon!

As Is IzzySire: As Is Izzy, Gray Perchreon Spanish Crossed Mustang

Peavine Creek Farm Dam: Lucy Lane, registered American Saddlebred sired by Firelane (leading saddlebred sire for 7 years) and out of a 'King Coe' mare

Broke to ride English & Western, great lope or canter, easy trot; trained to bow and pray. He is good on trails and very gentle....Call for more details (423-710-5747)


Price $1,800 or offers considered to a good home



"Crack The Sky"
Crack The Sky (6513 bytes) Crack The Sky (4856 bytes)
Crack the Sky with his wild mustang Dad (5798 bytes)
(Click each photo to enlarge)

Crack the Sky with his wild mustang dad.  Sky's dam is a liver chestnut saddlebred, Waltzing Matilda. Photos taken at approximately 3 months of age

Crack The Sky @ 20 months!

Crack The Sky at 20 months of age (6203 bytes)

(Click photo to enlarge)

Photo above taken at 20 months!  
Can you believe the transformation!

Crack The Sky Paint The Sky

Allie McCoskey, up

Crack The Sky with Allie McCoskey, up
Mustang/Saddlebred Cross Colt
Foaled 8/29/99

Sire: As Is Izzy, Gray Adopted Mustang

Dam: Waltzing Matilda, Liver Chestnut American Saddlebred

This horse has a wonderful disposition and is currently being used in our lesson program. His full brother, Paint The Sky, who has the same disposition is for sale!

Update- First show First place with a 10 yr old rider!

Price $8,000


"Paint The Sky"

Paint The Sky

Left to Right: Sky with Maria,
Ellie, Courtney, & Doug

PaintThe Sky

Paint the Sky is the 1st horse in the front

Pasture Buddies
(Click images to enlarge)

Gray American Saddlebred/Mustang cross
(Click the names of sire & dam below to see photos!)

Sire: As Is Izzy, Gray Adopted Mustang

Dam: Waltzing Matilda, Liver Chestnut American Saddlebred

Paint The Sky has a great disposition and great color.  A dappled gray foaled August 2000 with a big white blaze, white mane and tail, and white stockings.  Sired by Izzy, out of a mare for sale named Waltzing Matilda who is also the dam of Crack The Sky, Kiss The Sky, and Lickity Split, full brothers & sisters to Paint the Sky (All pictured on our 'Horses For Sale' page). This is a super nice good looking young gelding with a great disposition, personality and willingness.  His full brother, Crack the Sky, is the most trainable horse I have ever started with a wonderfully smooth trot and canter.  He was only 2 years old in August of 2001 & was already doing straight line canter lead changes, serpentines and figure eights without one mistake. Students on the farm adore and enjoy riding him.  His full brother, Paint the Sky, (see above) a year younger, is progressing in the same fashion.  I highly recommend these cross bred colts for enjoyable pleasure riding.

UPDATE: Paint had an injury in 2002. Details & veterinarian results upon request. Will sell under special conditions to the right home. Paint has turned a lighter dappled strawberry gray this year. He is a sweetheart,...very good looking and trainable. Wonderful temperament. My students inadvertently brought him in from the pasture for lessons one weekend, mistaking him for his brother, Crack the Sky. He acted as if he had been ridden all his life! It was comical to see the kid's faces (and MINE) when they realized he was his brother's double!

New update!! PAINT the SKY is now broke to ride and was released by veterinarian in 2003. He shows no signs of injury or unsoundness. Records available upon request. Recommend and welcome veterinarian examination of your choice. He has been sound for over fourteen years now.

Paint is a handsome animal, very trainable with wonderful gaits and smoothness of movement. He is broke to ride....walks, trots, and canters well. Has exceptionally smooth gaits, like his year older full brother, Crack the Sky. Will reluctantly sell for the Special Price below.

Special Price $3,000


Grey Thoroughbred/Quarter Horse Cross
Grey Thoroughbred/Quarter Horse Cross, SaborGrey Thoroughbred/Quarter Horse Cross, Sabor
(Click photos to enlarge)

Flea Bitten Gray Gelding ~ 15.3 hands

Excellent English/Western trail, huntseat or endurance horse
Very Gentle Gelding for beginners or intermediate or advanced rider
Looks and moves great Huntseat, has a terrific flat kneed hunter trot.

used on trail rides and for beginner/intermediate lessons

Just a little ear shy when bridling and haltering. Does fine if halter is buckled behind ears instead of pulled over his ears.

Responds well to TLC.

Can carry a big rider and is very gentle tempered for a small fry too!

Nice hind quarters and a sturdy structure.

Owner is relocating

Guaranteed Sound

Nice stout willing gentle horse

Call for more details (423-710-5747)


Price $2500
(no longer for sale)


Excellent Hunter/Jumper Mare

(Click photo to enlarge)

Missy Landrum, up
(Daughter of famed Hammer Dulcimer Musician, Dan Landrum)

Better photos coming soon!   Better photos coming soon!
(Cilck photos to enlarge)

Excellent Hunter/Jumper Mare ~ Registered beautiful liver chestnut ~ 1995 ~ Gentle and a very, very good jumper ~Loves to jump ~ Gentle enough I often use her for beginner TRAIL RIDES as well as LESSONS. I have taught many riders to jump on her. She is also a great jumper for an ADVANCED or INTERMEDIATE RIDER ~ Easy to load ~ Guaranteed sound!

(no longer for sale)


Peavine Creek Farm (7339 bytes)

A Horse Matters

By Baxter Black

(Cowboy poet and former large animal vet, Baxter Black,
likes being a person to whom a horse matters.)

I like living someplace where a horse matters. There is just some country where horseback is the only way to get the job done. Places where the four-wheeler is a poor second, not to mention a noisy, track-leaving unnatural conveyance. Besides, it's hard to throw a rope from.

Helicopters can spot and scare, if that's what you need, but it's helpless when you have to doctor a calf. It is a great feeling to be pushing a cow out of a mesquite thicket, packing a dude down the Grand Canyon or tracking a mountain lion on a high ridge, knowing you're on the perfect tool for the job. You look at a horse different when he's on the payroll.

I like being a person to whom a horse matters.

It puts me in such good company, Robert E. Lee, Teddy Roosevelt, Rudyard Kipling, Ray Hunt, Queen Elizabeth, Jerry Diaz, Casey Tibbs, cowboys, Mongols, Gauchos, teamsters, leppazaners and vaqueros of all kinds. Granted being a horse person doesn't make me easier to get along with, better at spelling, or richer, it simply gives me a direct connection to one of the most ancient, mutually beneficial interspecies relationships on the planet.

Winston Churchill said, "There is something about the outside of a horse, that is good for the inside of a man."

I like being there when a horse matters.

When you can't do the job alone; a cow in the bog, a race against time, a boulder to move, a detour to take, a mountain to cross, a crevass to leap, a war to win, a sweetheart to impress, or...when you've gone too far to walk back.

Shakespeare's King Richard III said when fate hung in the balance, "A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!"

I've also come to believe that you either are a horse person or you aren't. Many who are, never know it because they never have the chance. It's a primitive acceptance, often mutual. A lack of fear. You see it in some children when they are first introduced to the horse. It always gives me a sense of wonder to be there and help them make their acquaintance. I believe the horse can sense the child's innate trust. It is the beginning of a natural bond.

I count myself very lucky that I get to be a part of the wonderful world of horse sweat, soft noses, close calls and twilight on the trail.

I like living a life where a horse matters.

~Author, Baxter Black


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